Right from the start of the BALI CATAMARANS adventure, we chose to use the so-called “infusion” process. This technique was introduced on CATANA CATAMARANS and then adopted on BALI CATAMARANS.


But what is the “infusion” technique?

The choice of a sandwich construction using closed-cell high-density PVC foam is the result of our desire to build high-performance boats that are both stiff and lightweight. More stable and less constraining than balsa wood, the use of PVC foam has become established over time and with technological progress.

Associated for about ten years with the molding of the hull using the vacuum infusion process, it offers the customer the certainty of purchasing a boat with a high level of seaworthiness and a longer service life than its competitors…

The advantages of this technique are

  • Decrease in the weight of the boat, and therefore improvement in performance
  • Reduced risk of construction problems
  • Greater rigidity

This technique has been adopted for the construction of the internal bulkheads on BALI CATAMARANS, improving their rigidity and thickness.

BALI CATAMARANS, A construction, a know-how

The interior, a BALI CATAMARANS specialty

All the interior furnishings on BALI CATAMARANS are built and installed in-house. We use a minimum number of screws, both in assembly and in installation in our catamarans.