BALI 4.3


The BALI 4.3 loft voted best cruising catamaran by the famous American magazine “Sail”, benefits from all the innovations of the BALI range. The BALI 4.3 is bold and innovative in these living spaces. It has a huge indoor and outdoor living space with clean design, panoramic vision, bay window before lowering totally, real cockpit before and a lounge area on the flybridge. The BALI 4.3 is a unique catamaran for its category.



Developer Xavier Faÿ
Manufacturer Chantier Catana
Designer Xavier Faÿ
Interior designer Lasta Design Studio


Hull length 13.10 m
Overall length 12,25 m
Maximum beam 7,12 m
Draft, boards up 1,20 m

Détails techniques

Light displacement 11,3 T
Displacement at maximum load 17 T
Max sail area upwind 117 sqm
Engines 2 x 40 to 60 CV* saildrive
Fuel 800 L*
Fresh water 800 L*
Black water 2 x 60 L*
Refrigerator + Freezer Up to 615 L*


13,20 M


7,12 M


6 to 8


Modèle/ModelLongueur hors tout/ Overall lengthLongueur à la flottaison/ Water line lengthLargeur hors tout/ BeamSurface utilisable/Usable surface Tirant d'eau/ DraftPoids à vide / Empty weightSurface maxi de voilure au près/ Maximum upwind sail areaFlybridgePorte de cockpit avant/ Forward cockpit door Motorisation/ EnginesGasoil/ FuelEau douce/ Fresh waterRéfrigérateur + Congélateur/ Refrigerator+ freezer capacityCabins versions (Cabins / heads)Prix à partir de/ Price from
12.52m11.88m6.72m72.9m21.12m10t 105.4m22X19 cv/hp up to 40 cv/hp400 L800 L272 L3/2 3/3 4/3 4/4333 400 € ex VAT12.85m12.46m7.08m79.2m21.12m11.9t -2x30cv/hp up to 45 cv/hp800 L860 Lup to 326 L 3/3 4/4363 800 € ex VAT13.10m12.25m7.12m-1.20m11.3t 117m22x40cv/hp up to 60 cv/hp800 L800 L615 L3/2 3/3 4/2 4/3 4/4403 900 € ex VAT13.10m12.25m7.12m83.1m20.90m13.5t -2X250 cv/hp800 + 800 L800 Lup to 536 L3/2 3/3 4/2 4/3 4/4541 800 € ex VAT13.60m13.00m7.42m-1.22m11.6t 151m22x40cv/hp up to 57cv/hp800 L800 Lup to 615 L3/2 3/3 4/2 4/3 4/4416 600 € ex VAT14.28m13.56m7.66m95.4m21.22m13.6t 166.3m22x40cv/hp up to 57cv/hp800 L800 Lup to 615 L3/3 4/3 4/4 5/4 495 500 € ex VAT14.86m14.28m7.88m101.8m21.35m15.3t 173m22x45 cv/hp up to 57 cv/hp600 + 400 L600 + 400 Lup to 615 L3/3 4/4 5/5 6/6 616 500 € ex VAT16.93m16.22m8.74m128.3m21.48m22.5t202m22x57 cv/hp up to 80 cv/hp1200 L1200 Lup to 615 L4/4 5/5 6/6 902 000 € ex VAT12.86m11.86m6.59m70.4m20.89m10.7t-2x150 cv/hp upto 250 cv/hpup to 1400 Lup to 700 L272 L3/3 4/4421 500 € ex VAT12.31m11.42m6.56m70.4m21.10m9.45t 101m22X19 cv/hp up to 30 cv/hp400 Lup to 700 L265 L3/3 4/4304 000 € ex VAT

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