The Bali models

BALI 4.8

The BALI 4.8 Open Space brings together the best of the original features that make up the DNA of BALI catamarans.

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BALI 5.4

The BALI 5.4 Open Space is characterized by completely open spaces and very ergonomic living spaces.

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BALI 4.1

Evolution of the revolutionary BALI 4.0, BALI 4.1 innovates once again. The BALI 4.1 is the first sailing catamaran, totally decked from its bows to its aft transoms, offering a fully decompartmentalized and highly ergonomic living space.

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BALI 4.3

The BALI 4.3 loft, voted best cruising catamaran by the famous American magazine "Sail", benefits from all the innovations of the BALI range. BALI 4.3 is bold and innovative in these living spaces.

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Resolutely modern lines, combined with a choice of carefully selected, fine materials, give the BALI 4.3 MY a strong, elegant and prestigious appearance in the purest style of a cruising Trawler.

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BALI 4.5

The BALI 4.5 benefits from the BALI experience, infrastructures and CATANA technology, whose boats have been used on all the seas of the globe for more than 30 years.

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This BALI CATSPACE sail of 40 feet can offer 4 cabins and 10 beds!

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This BALI CATSPACE MY of 40 feet will be able to offer a capacity of 4 cabins and 10 beds

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BALI 4.6

Available in 2020

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