Launch of the new Bali 4.6 announced at the Cannes Yachting Festival

Le nouveau Bali 4.6 marque la 2ème génération du 4.5, premier modèle de la gamme Bali dont le succès fut immédiat.

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For the pivoting, tilting door, it all started from the idea of combining the saloon table with the cockpit table. By blending these two functions, it made it possible to profoundly change the organization of the nacelle's layout. All that was missing was a solution to close off the rear of the boat, always with the concern for innovation and above all functionality in mind!

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BALI CATAMARANS strives to offer the widest and most opened-up living space possibl

The naval architects at BALI CATAMARANS have worked to innovate in the way they use each available square meter.

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