Multihulls World, Emmanuel Van Deth

At Multihulls World, we’ve always worked hard to try and ensure that multihull builders don’t leave out the smaller models. While the market for small trimarans is well established, the market for sub-40-foot catamarans has recently been on the verge of extinction… For ten years now, the release of the occasional rare model hasn’t really been enough to reassure us.
So, the Bali Catsmart is a strong signal that we obviously want to relay. We hope to see Lagoon release their 38-foot model – one might be on the cards.

What a ride it’s been since the founding of the Bali brand! Back in September 2014, the Bali 4.5 offered us a new way of living on the water by taking advantage, in terms of comfort, of everything that the catamaran formula could offer. A no-holds-barred approach that made the most conservative boaters cringe… but which has ultimately proven itself with over 1,000 examples built in an 8-year period, including 400 in the last 12 months alone! The range currently includes seven catamarans from 38 to 54 feet, making it one of the most complete ranges on the market and even the most extensive in the sector of sailing catamarans from 36 to 55 feet. The launch of the smallest model – officially presented at the International Multihull Show in La Grande-Motte – could have led to fears of them overdoing it in terms of comfort. The Catsmart is perhaps even the most Bali of the Balis, since the first
model investigated for design was a catamaran under 40 feet before the 4.5 ultimately won the day

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