You have put your trust in us by buying one of our yachts, and we thank you for it.

Our supplier GOIOT SYSTEMS has just informed us of a potential risk of detachment of the windows of the portholes acting as escape hatches, and has developed a reinforcement kit whose installation at our expense will eliminate any risk.

As a preventive measure, we would like to send you free of charge this reinforcement kit, its installation instructions, and a form to be returned to us to confirm the installation of this kit.

We invite you to have this kit installed before the next use of the yacht. To do so, please give us as soon as possible the exact delivery address to which we can send it to you.

In the event that you have sold your yacht, we invite you to forward this email to your buyer and to send us his contact details.

PRESS RELEASE – February 6, 2020

GOIOT SYSTEMS has notified the boatbuilders of a recall campaign concerning the escape hatches delivered before September 2018

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We apologize for any inconvenience caused and remain at your disposal
for any further information.

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